Tan Wah Piow

  • Tan Wah Piow was President of the University of Singapore Students’ Union (USSU) in 1974. USSU and the Singapore Polytechnic Students’ Union campaigned for democracy and social justice for workers.
  • Arrested and tried together with 2 workers for ‘rioting’ in a 47 day trial, he was convicted and imprisoned for a year. He published an account of the trial in The Frame-Up.
  • Soon after his release from prison in 1975, he went into hiding, and eventually obtained political asylum in the UK.
  • In 1987, Wah Piow was accused of being the “mastermind’ of a ‘Marxist conspiracy’. He was then 35 and reading law at Balliol College, Oxford University. He rebutted the Singapore government’s allegations against him in Let the People Judge, published 3 weeks after the arrests.
  • Born in Singapore, his citizenship was revoked by the government soon after the arrests in 1987.
Current Status
  • Wah Piow practises law in London. He hopes to have his citizenship restored.

3 Responses to Tan Wah Piow

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  3. simgarie says:

    Those who deny freedom to others deserve it not for themselves.
    Abraham Lincoln

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