Tan Tee Seng

Tan Tee Seng was a student activist in the mid-1970s. After leaving the Singapore Polytechnic, he joined   the  Geylang Catholic Centre as a volunteer. The centre offered social and welfare services to foreign workers.

Tee Seng was always interested in the political development of Singapore. In 1984, he helped the  Workers’ Party in the general election and subsequently wrote for the Hammer, its official organ.

Current Status:
Tee Seng was on his way to becoming an entrepreneur when he was arrested on 21 May 1987 under the ISA. After his ordeal he set up several companies dealing with software development, data broadcasting, TV production, publication and education. Currently he spends his time running an education franchise in China and promoting active citizenry and working for more political space in Singapore.


“It was an exhilarating experience to participate directly in the democratic process. Life in Singapore need not be confined to mundane activities of just making money.”

The ISA allows the government to imprison anyone it deems to have “acted in a manner prejudicial to the security of Singapore”. Evidence is not required to prove that that person has acted in such a manner. All that is required is a bare allegation that a person has acted in a “manner prejudicial to the security of Singapore”. Below is the “Allegations of Facts” made against Tan Tee Seng:
 MHA Grounds of Detention

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