Chng Suan Tze

  • Chng Suan Tze, taught communication skills in Singapore Polytechnic. She joined Third Stage in 1983 and staged her first performance in 1985.
  • Third Stage was invited by the Ministry of Community Development to stage the same play in the Botanic Gardens and later to take part in the 1986 Singapore Arts Festival.
  • Suan Tze’s plays were critical of Singapore’s social policies. After her second play “Oh! Singapore II” she was arrested and accused of using Third Stage to “arouse disaffection with the social/political system”.
  • After her release, she continued teaching at the Polytechnic.
  •  Third Stage was deregistered in 2004.
Current Status
  • Chng Suan Tze recently retired from full time teaching.
The ISA allows the government to imprison anyone it deems to have “acted in a manner prejudicial to the security of Singapore”. Evidence is not required to prove that that person has acted in such a manner. All that is required is a bare allegation that a person has acted in a “manner prejudicial to the security of Singapore”. Below is the “Allegations of  Facts” made against Chng Suan Tze:
1. MHA Grounds of Detention
2. Detention Order

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